Baltic Open Tournament – GC Croquet

September 7th-9th 2018, RIGA, LATVIA

The BO Tournament takes place for 7th consecutive year and is organised by the Latvian Croquet Federation ( For the first time it will take place at two separate venues – two private single-lawn clubs, in Riga and Ogre, which are 40 km apart from each other. Transfers between the venues will be provided. Both lawns are equipped with floodlights to allow playing after dark.

Baltic Open is part of the European Masters in 2018. More information on European Masters, including the calendar of events at

  • Participation limited to a maximum of 16 players
  • 4 blocks of four, followed by a knock-out stage and Plate
  • Double banking, apart from finals
  • Dawson 2000 International balls
  • Tournament Manager – Roberts Stafeckis
  • Tournament Referee – Viktors Harlinskis (Southwick Croquet Academy certificate)
  • Entries and inquiries – or +371 26492211 (Roberts Stafeckis)
  • Deadline for entries – July 1st

Programme of the tournament:

Friday, September 7th

  • Arrival of the players, lawns available for practice
  • Block play, from 16:00
  • Informal welcome cocktail
  • Optional night croquet under floodlights

Saturday, September 8th, from 9:00

  • Opening ceremony  
  • Block play and Knock-out
  • Official tournament dinner
  • Optional night croquet under floodlights

Sunday, September 9th, from 9:00

  • Semifinals, Finals and Plate
  • Winners award ceremony
  • Informal farewell cocktail, from 17:00, departure


  • Latvia reserves 4 places for the players that organize the tournament.
  • Deadline for entries – July 1st. For international players, there is an initial allocation on July 2. Entries received by July 1 will be accepted as follows:
  • The highest ranked player from each country that has applied in descending order by world ranking grade as of July 1.
  • Then the second highest ranked player from each country will be accepted in descending order and so on. This will ensure that all countries that are interested in participating have the ability to send roughly the same number of players.
  • Latvian and i nternational players can continue to apply for any remaining places from July 2 onwards. Applications will be accepted in order received. Deadline for any remaining places is on August 25, even if the event is not full to allow time for adjusting the format.